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Permanent Makeup

At The Skinbarre, we specialize in permanent makeup for eyebrows and lips. Our licensed and experienced artists are dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty and giving you the confidence to take on the day. We use high-quality pigments and top-of-the-line tools to ensure the final result is perfect. Let us help you achieve your desired look with our personalized and precise techniques.

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Lip Blushing


Aryna Karaliova, PMU Artist

My name is Aryna Karaliova and I'm a permanent makeup artist from Belarus. With 5 years of experience under my belt, my journey in the world of beauty and art has been nothing short of amazing.

I've had the privilege of learning from the top artists in the industry, including Sviatoslav Otchenash, Lilia Shapka, and Iren Loseva.
Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the PMU Awards in Miami 2023, where I witnessed the latest trends and innovations in the permanent makeup world.

Additionally, I was part of the PMU conference in Saint Petersburg, immersing myself in knowledge and connecting with fellow artists from around the globe.
Every stroke of my brush tells a unique story, and I strive to create stunning looks that enhance
natural beauty. Join me on this artistic journey as we explore the boundless possibilities of
permanent makeup together!

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