We specialize in innovative skincare and semi-permanent makeup design. Our facials are targeted to difficult skin problems like acne, acne scaring, hyper-pigmentation, anti-aging and skin tightening.

Dermapen Anti-Aging Treatments

The Dermapen medical skin treatment is a transformative micro-needling technique that works by stimulating collagen and blood flow to the skin. The micro injury to the skin triggers the body's natural healing response to deposit collagen which softens acne scars and tightens the skin. It is FDA approved for both anti-aging and reducing scaring. It is powerful enough to be compared to laser treatments but safe enough to use in delicate areas like the under eyes and lips. A micro-needling treatment results in clear brighter skin that looks and feels younger.


Skin Tightening


Acne Scars  



What to expect:

A licensed aesthetician will apply a numbing cream.  The cream is allowed to rest on the face for 15- minutes.  The skin will be prepped with a gentle cleanser and astringent.  A serum made from all natural hyaluronic acid is placed on the skin.  The Dermapen micro-heeling devices is then glided over the entire face and neck* using 3 passes in different directions.  During that time the  ultra fine micro-needles will be going in and out of the skin about 90 times per second.  All that is felt is a vibration similar to microdermabrasion. The Dermapen treatment is complete in about 30 minutes.   After the treatment is complete the practitioner will apply a individualized serum based on your needs as well as sun block.   The skin will look a slightly pink upon completion but will subside within hours and appear glowing and vibrant.  Washing and makeup applications should be avoided until the next morning.

Additional areas (neck, hands, body scars) are priced separately.

Treatments are spaced 4-6 weeks apart for optimal outcome. Even 1 session helps, but we recommend a series of 3 to 6 sessions depending on your treatment goals. This service can be combined with other services like dermaplaning or a natural chemical peel.