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Andrea feels very strongly that everyone deserves great skin and a personalized touch. She is passionate about skin health. She became interested in skincare very early in life. When Andrea was 16, her mother was diagnosed and suffered from brain tumor. She was honored with a full scholarship to an Art & Design School in Australia. However, due to her mother’s condition Andrea assumed the role of caretaker during this time. She saw her mother’s skin become almost leather-like in texture. With Lymphatic massaging and experimenting with different products and techniques Andrea was able to improve her mother’s skin health. This tender touch contributed to her mother’s successful recovery and made her cancer experience less depressing.

Andrea graduated from the Institute of Art & Design from the University of Maryland and upon graduating she began working for a plastic surgeon. She was introduced to different skincare lines at this job which fed her thirst for the subject. She quickly became very versatile in her expertise by shadowing one of the best plastic surgeons in the DMV. To this day he is still a close friend and mentor to her. This experience encouraged Andrea to attend the Aesthetic Institute in Tysons Corner, VA where she became certified as a medical aesthetician. After completing her certification, Andrea was hired on to support a thriving dermatology office in the Northern VA area that hosted 5 full time Dermatologists. This led her to experience various skin conditions and remedies/treatments specializing in Acne. Andrea took an even deeper dive into studying the medications patients were taking and how they effected their skin and health.

After learning so much from the dermatology offices, she joined several plastic surgery offices and got the opportunity to work directly with cancer patients (primarily breast cancer) in which she was able to learn about the trauma of various treatments (I.e., chemotherapy, radiation, hormonal medications, other medications, etc.). She also had the opportunity of managing the entire office which included hiring new staff, creating standard operating procedures, and expanding on their service offerings. This awoke the entrepreneur within her and eventually The Skinbarre was born.
On April 7, 2017, The Skinbarre was created to help everyone get closer to achieving great skin health no matter what their situation is.

Andrea N. Castro

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Andrea N. Castro
Creator & Lead Medical Aesthetician
Sofia Flores
Practice Manager
Tania Sevilla
Provider Supervisor
Medical Assistant
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Danielle Martino
Nurse Injector 
Jessica Mapes
Master Medical Aesthetician
Sofia Rodriguez
Medical Aesthetician
Ivee Trac
Last Artist & Massage Therapist
Bennett Magliato
Client Relations Liaison
Skincare Specialist
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