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A dynamic woman Is someone who makes her own way when a door closes.

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Andrea n. Castro


For over 10 years, Andrea Castro and her team at The Skinbarre Medical have revolutionized skin health. As the premier choice for skincare solutions in the DMV, The Skinbarre offers high-quality treatments for acne care, facial rejuvenation, hair loss solutions and more. With extensive experience and training, Castro and her team are dedicated to providing the best innovative techniques for all skincare needs to help clients “Escape the Ordinary.”

Castro’s passion for skin health began at a young age when she witnessed her mother’s skin deteriorate due to a brain tumor. Through her nurturing touch and experimentation with Lymphatic massaging and diverse products and techniques, she improved her mother’s skin health, contributing to her successful recovery. This experience fueled Castro’s interest in skincare and ultimately led her to found The Skinbarre.

Now, this Dynamic Woman’s practice is highly awarded. It’s been voted the Best Medical Spa by NoVa Magazine five times and McLean’s Best Medical Spa Business Hall of Fame for the past four years.

“I don’t shy away from challenges. What others may give up on, I see as something to master. I love to give people their confidence back,” says Castro.

Still, what drives Castro’s passion for the industry is seeing the positive impact she has on her patients. Some of her most meaningful career moments have come from working with breast cancer survivors and severe acne patients who are very self-conscious, she enjoys caring for their skin and restoring their confidence. Castro prioritizes bringing awareness to different skin and medical conditions to educate the community and empower others with her expertise.

As The Skinbarre grows, Castro strives to break the Medspa mold and become more accessible to everyone

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